About Us

Meet The Team

Gavin and Sam are seasoned digital transformation specialists having spent 2 decades working in senior digital leadership roles, helping UK brands develop and refine their strategies and increase their digital maturity.

Collectively they helm Coorie Dug, a friendly micro-agency based in Edinburgh specialising in data-driven marketing, analytics, and optimization with particular focus on providing digital intent insights.

Together, they are pioneering the use of AI tooling to create behaviour focused models, delivering the insights needed to help shape your businesses propositions and strategies enabling a wealth of growth opportunities across your entire digital funnel.


Sam Carter (She/They)

Managing Partner

Data Analyst & GA4 Expert –  Loves using data to tell stories, find opportunities, and add value 🐕

Gavportrait (1)

Gavin Brogan (He/Him)

Managing Partner

Long time digital marketing expert, Life long data nerd. Loves to talk about using data drive growth.

What's a Coorie Dug?

Coorie (ku:ri) – Gaelic translation to nestle or snuggle, to be cosy

‘Coorie’ is a Gaelic word meaning to nestle or snuggle but it’s taken on a different meaning recently. The word has evolved from its origin to a lifestyle trend, the Scottish equivalent of the Danish Hygge, of appreciating Scotland’s beauty and what it has to offer.

Coorie is about enjoying life the Scottish way and learning to live better using what is around you. Embrace the outdoors, from exploring the beautiful coastlines to walks in Scotland’s majestic landscapes or a long hike up one of the numerous mountains. Coorie is not all about being outside however. Curling up by a log fire with a cup of tea (or something stronger), the comforting warmth of a woollen throw will sure give you the coorie feeling.

What’s this got to do with data?

Everything. We want to break down the feeling that data is hard, technical & impersonal; we’re down to earth, our analysis is holistic, our data is cozy… and behind every data point there’s a person telling a story.

…And we like dogs 🙂

Greyfriars Bobby; Old Town, End of Chamber Street at Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinbrugh.

The Way We Work Matters

Our work ethos partnered us together long before we made a company:

  • Data should be transparent and honest
  • Push the data to tell us more
  • Strive to make life and work, fun and fair.

While we divide work to ensure efficient resource deployment, the CoorieDug Leadership Team work across all projects, clients and contracts.

This allows us to leverage a wider skillset upon each deliverable, more efficient work, programming, and check-ins, no loss of context during handovers & consultations & more resources availability to the client.

Coorie Dug LLP is registered at:

59/2 Iona Street


Partnership No. SO307821