Unlocking Optimisation Insights through Behavioural Analysis

At Coorie Dug, we’ve mastered using data to tell us stories about how user’s are interacting with your site, and we use these insights to drive our optimisation planning.

Our approach is grounded in analysing visitor behaviour at a customer level, a journey level, and at a page level This serves as the cornerstone for uncovering conversion roadblocks. Harnessing the power of behavioural data alongside years of industry experiences and best practices, we keen to provide you with a bespoke conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy that not only enhances user experience, but provides measurable growth in business outcomes.

Happier users lead to return customers and brand advocates!

Customer Level Optimization

Track users through the consideration funnel, optimise for high-value, lasting relationships. Measure lifetime value (LTV) to attract and retain those who drive long-term profits.

Journey & Intent Level Optimisation

Visualise onsite key routes. Enhance user journeys by aligning them with customer intent. Improve engagement, satisfaction, and conversions through seamless experiences.

Page Point Level Optimization

Refine touchpoints like pages and conversion points. Analyse converting & non-converting behaviour. Reduce friction, enhance navigation, and boost conversion rates for smoother decision-making.


By integrating the strategies across these three levels we can help you consolidate your efforts and leverage a holistic experience that maximise growth, strengthen customer relationships, and establish a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

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Streamlined 6-Step CRO Process for Optimal Conversions

1 - Preparation & Analysis

We analyse visitor behaviour, uncovering conversion barriers and identify opportunities. Taking time to understand competitors to establish your unique value proposition in the market.

2 - Understanding Audience

Identify Personas to create target customer profiles through data analysis. We explore audience behaviour, motivations, and emotional connections for improved conversions.

3 - Strategic Planning

We use our unique digital intent and purpose analysis to ensure data driven CRO strategies are tightly aligned with business goals.

4 - Implementation & Execution

Put the strategy into action through UX improvements and content changes.

5 - Continuous Optimization

Through a Test & Learn approach we adapt strategies regularly to evolving digital trends. Receive comprehensive performance insights and growth in conversion rates.

6 - Strategy Review

Regularly assess and adjust strategies considering changing business goals and market dynamics.

Everything We Do, Starts With A Journey

Revealing the Depths of the Customer Journey

At the heart of exceptional CRO lies an unwavering understanding of customer behaviour, particularly their journey. While CRO focuses on specific goals along this path, our expertise shines brightest in fully comprehending the entirety of the end-to-end customer experience.

The way users interact with your website is meticulously shaped by their prior engagements – their sentiments towards your brand, distinctive requirements, and personal objectives and intents wield substantial influence over their conversion prospects. While lacklustre CRO fixates solely on the destination, our insights span the entirety of the user journey.

In line with this fundamental principle, CRO seamlessly aligns with our array of services (See Data Driven SEO), and beyond. Our data driven approach excels in delivering strategies towards an omnichannel marketing experience, empowering you to amplify conversions, creating customer journeys tailored to meet individual needs and desires.






What You Get From Us

Web Journey Optimization (WJO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) rely on a deep understanding of user behaviour, purpose and intent to create consistent and engaging online interactions. 

Data analysis plays a crucial role, helping to identify improvement opportunities and guide informed decisions for enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates.

We Provide:

User Journey Analysis: 

Identify pain points and key touchpoints in your key user journeys to show you where you’re losing users.

Data-Driven Insights:

Uncover user behaviour, purpose trends and preferences, making  recommendations of opportunities based on your data

Conversion Rate Assessment:

Find bottlenecks and opportunities to enhance on-page conversion process​.

Strategy Development:

Tailored data-driven roadmaps of how to improve engagement and conversions. within a reasonable timeframe with measurable outcomes.

A/B Testing and Experimentation:

Hypothesis testing of large or small site changes in controlled conditions to prove which variations drive the target objective, be it user activation, conversion or retention.

UX/UI Enhancements:

Enhance user experience and interfaces to provide a more enjoyable experience and good outcomes for your users.

Performance Tracking and Reporting:

Ensure all required tracking is in place, monitor metrics & provide accurate insights.

Continuous Optimisation:

Iterative refinements for sustained results; designing testing programs rather than single tests.

Training and Knowledge Transfer:

Empower client team with optimisation skills so they can integrate a Test & Learn culture​ into their ways of working.

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