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Do you have the analytics in place to allow you to not only measure performance but also generate insights needed to grow your business consistently and effectively? We have the expertise to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are building the solid foundations or developing your full enterprise data systems we can help.

A top-notch Google Analytics setup creates new capability to know precisely how key areas of your business is performing and instantly understand what channels are working for you. Generate new insights that you need to make data-driven decisions, prioritise, and maximise your growth consistently.

Setup Packages 

Get GA4 setup from as little as £360 for core tracking and be up in running in as little as 48hrs. Can be tailored to your exact tracking needs. 

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the leading analytics service already being used on more than 80% of the top 1,000 websites.

  • Feeling like there might be some tracking or critical measures missing from your reporting?
  • Uncertain about where to focus your optimization efforts for growth?
  • Wondering if you have all the right data to make strategic business decisions and outmanoeuvre your competitors?
  • Thinking about migrating from Universal Analytics but haven’t taken the leap yet?

We Offer:

Streamlined GA4 Setup:

Start your GA4 setup with our expert tracking code integration, ensuring precise setup for accurate data tracking.

Enhanced Event Triggers:

Allow us to craft custom event triggers to capture often overlooked but essential data points, bolstering your insights.

Data Control and Customization:

Customize data retention during GA4 migration to comply with regulations and align with your business needs.

Conversion Optimization:

Optimise campaigns through conversion tracking, measuring success and guiding resource allocation.

Comprehensive Multi-Domain Tracking:

Master cross-domain tracking to gain comprehensive insights into user behaviour across your digital landscape.

Effortless eCommerce Data Oversight:

Utilize Google Tag Manager for streamlined eCommerce data monitoring, optimizing your online store’s performance.

GA4 and Google Ads Integration:

Link GA4 to Google Ads for post-migration ad metric retention, managed effortlessly by our team.

Google Signals Integration Enhancement:

Seamlessly integrate Google Signals to supercharge strategies and enhance conversion rates.

Tailored Audience Segmentation:

Maximize GA4’s potential by crafting custom audiences for targeted campaigns, guided by our experts.​

The team at Coorie Dug are highly effective problem solvers, results-oriented and able to develop creative solutions that meet the needs of the business– Aliaksei Auhustsinovich Digital Analytics Manager

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You’ll Get All This with Our Analytics Setup:

    • You’ll enjoy a custom tagging setup to capture all your essential data points. Whether it’s driving leads, sales, or any other engagement action, you’ll have the data you need to visualize your website’s performance and compare your marketing success.
    • You’ll get access to a user-friendly tag management tool (GTM) and have Google tracking tags seamlessly added to your website.
    • You’ll have your GA4 profile configured to make the most of Google Analytics 4’s advanced functionality, without compromising your data security through data sharing traps.
    • You’ll easily navigate through insightful reports, highlighting user struggles on your site. Remember, even one tiny pain point could mean significant lost revenue.
    • Check your reports daily to keep tabs on your website’s performance, uncover areas for improvement, boost traffic, and identify the most profitable traffic sources. Continuously monitor your progress as your website traffic grows through your website changes.
    • You’ll receive a follow-up consultation to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your data. If your needs have changed, we’re happy to make any necessary adjustments.

Why Choose Us?

    • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Experts: We’re seasoned pros when it comes to digital analytics tools. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free setup for you.
    • Tailored to Your Needs: Our team designs a personalized analytics implementation that perfectly fits your unique requirements and goals.
    • Everything Covered: Count on us to track all the crucial website interactions that matter to you, providing essential business and marketing insights.
    • Driving Your Success: With your new analytics setup and easy-to-access reporting, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions and take control of your performance. Stay competitive within your market!
    • Stay Ahead of the Crowd: Don’t get left behind! Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 before Universal Analytics expires in Oct 2024. We recommend getting GA4 set up ASAP, so you have backdated data when the switch comes.
    • Proven Track Record: We’ve successfully delivered analytics solutions time and again, earning us the trust of our clients. Rest easy, knowing you’re in the hands of a reliable partner.

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