Data Driven SEO is a strategic approach to organic growth, that gives proven and repeatable answers to the most important questions we have as Digital Marketing professionals.

Core questions that drive website optimisation, strategy & development:

  • What are your customers interested in?
  • What is a user’s core objective when coming to your website?
  • How well are you serving their needs?
  • What demand are your competitors leveraging?

Core questions that trouble SEO managers:

  • How do I grow organic traffic?
  • What should we target to drive the most impact?
  • How do we measure and be confident in changes being made?
  • How do we prove the value of SEO campaigns?
  • How can we automate opportunity discovery?

It’s Time to Ground Your SEO Strategy In Data.

Why Use a Data Driven Approach

The narrative of “Search Engine Optimisation is hard to measure” used to be acceptable when SEO was focused on old school keyword research and page speed. We’re now entering a new era of E-E-A-T and search entities. This requires a step change in how companies approach SEO. It shouldn’t be guesswork and if SEO activity isn’t being statistically assessed, it could be a waste of time to continue that method, or even damaging your organic performance.

At Coorie Dug, we geek out at any opportunity to apply data analytics & data science in novel ways. We combine the power of AI technology and data science to elevate your website’s success. Understanding user intent (purpose) and delivering tailored content are essential for sustainable growth and staying ahead of the competition.  Our service is designed to help you precisely achieve that.

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Why User Intent is Key To SEO Strategy

Understanding User Intent

We’re committed to getting more out of Organic Search Data.

More insights. More opportunities.  More growth.

Traditional SEO

Data Driven SEO

Keyword Focused

Entity & Intent Focused

Opportunities sized using keyword volume

Opportunities sized using modelled uplift & confidence.

Impact measured over months at channel level

Impact measured in weeks or days at experiment level

“Publish, Wait & Squint”

“Test, Learn & Iterate”

Organic performance noise obfuscates results 

Predictive models remove noise​ and report on performance


Leverages Machine Learning / AI


Our advanced AI technology goes beyond the old school, traditional keyword analysis. By using a user’s intent signals, search keywords and content on your website, we can build a better picture of what really matters to your business.

By understanding user intent, you’ll gain valuable insights into your audience’s needs and preferences, allowing you to tailor your user experience accordingly and targeting your SEO objectives more effectively. Our data-driven approach ensures that your website caters to your customers specific needs, resulting in higher engagement and increased customer satisfaction.

Using SEO Data Insight to Find & Prioritise Opportunities

Target SEO and Content Oppotunities That Will Matter Most

Unravelling user intent isn’t just about understanding what your visitors are looking for;

  • Find actual opportunities
  • Size and prioritise SEO opportunities
  • Understand how your content is currently perfoming to inform content strategy.
  • Unlock the insight needed to drive your onsite personalisation

We size and priorities opportunities, giving you tangible and significant areas to focus on. Understanding trends in demand and how they are changing informs your content strategy. By analysing the intent behind search queries, your content and user journeys, we can identify the topics and subjects that resonate most with your audience.

Intent Analysis empowers you to make informed content decisions, crafting articles, blog posts, and other resources that directly address your visitors’ interests and pain points. This approach not only boosts your organic search rankings but also establishes your website as a valuable resource in your industry.

Understanding user intent unlocks your ability to understand next best action. With our data analytics-driven approach, you can harness user intent insights to help deliver personalised content and recommendations to each visitor, fostering deeper engagement but also drives conversion rates and customer loyalty.


Using Test & Learn to Give Confidence To Your Outcomes

Know Which SEO Strategies Are Working For You

Ever looked at SEO campaign stats and found yourself wondering is this better or worse than before? Was it the campaign I designed that had this effect or some external market force? It used to drive us daft too.

We believe in Test & Learn and we are pretty great at it. Our experience in convertion rate optimisation (AB testing) has led us to believe in the value of the approach. Applying this same approach to SEO is a little harder because of the maths. We’re confident that our methods can provide you with a similar confidence that you get with AB tests.

We have developed methodologies and tooling to prove the effectiveness of SEO experiments. No more squinting at charts sideways hoping to determine ‘is this better or worse?’ Our use of statistics driven causal impact analysis gives you confidence in what works and what needs to change. We reduce time wasted on improvements that aren’t working in your favour and allows you to concentrate on the changes that are going to really move the needle.

Causal Impact Analysis Visualisation | Source – Google Github


Why Choose Us?

What We Can Provide

    • You’ll get access to report tooling that leverages our language models and classifies each search query base on the user’s interest, needs and entitles (topic). This unlocks digestible user stories and insights about what your customer’s needs, and how well you perform at fulfilling those needs.
    • You’ll get trend & analysis, forecasting based on your data. Understand in an instant how your customer’s needs change over time and show you emerging trends.
    • You’ll have a prioritised list of opportunities available. These opportunities will be sized so that you can easily understand where you’re going to get the greatest return for your efforts.
    • You’ll have the insights you need to inform your content strategy and the stepping stones required to enable personalisation.
    • You’ll be able to see the impact of each SEO action you take. Using ‘causal impact analysis’, you’ll be able to see very clearly what methods do and don’t work on your website; fail fast or scale up efforts with confidence.
    • You’ll receive support and consultations to ensure you completely understand the data provided against your users and give you the confidence to act on the opportunities presented to you.

Why Choose Us?

    • Expertise: With years of experience under our belt, we possess the know-how to identify the most promising SEO prospects.
    • Precise Measurement: We precisely measure the impact of SEO actions, leaving no room for guesswork.
    • Continuous Testing: Our commitment to ongoing testing guarantees that our strategies are always up-to-date and effective.
    • Statistical Validation: Our findings are backed by robust statistical analysis, providing you with confidence in the results.
    • Proven Results: Our scientific approach has delivered consistent, tangible results for our clients.
    • Stay Ahead Of the Competition: More and more companies are utilising advance statistical techniques, and the advent of deep language models to propel their data analysis. We can provide you accessibility to these resources, so you’re not left behind.

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