Sam Carter

About Sam Carter

Sam Carter, Managing Director of Coorie Dug, Edinburgh,
Sam Carter, at Comicon Scotland

Sam Carter is a digital marketeer, specialising in using data analysis to optimise website & marketing performance. Sam knows about Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, GTM, Data Analytics. Data Investigations, 

Sam Carter has 12 years’ experience within financial services, mobile games, B2B & B2C online retail.

Always chasing one more bit of insight, Sam has designed cross group measurement frameworks, run both isolated and domain wide impact analysis, integrated GA4 into 20 GTM instances, and designed and delivered group wide reporting.

After working together for 4 years, Sam partnered with Gavin Brogan to launch Coorie Dug.

Prior to Coorie Dug, Sam worked as an Analytics Manager in the Digital Marketing Team at Royal London.

Coorie Dug is currently accepting new business.

Contact Sam at Coorie Dug with any enquiries.

Sam’s pronouns are She & They. Sam is neurodiverse and an active member of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Sam Knows About

Google Analytics ( UA & GA4)
GTM / Tag Implementation
Dashboard Building
Measurement Frameworks
Analytics Training